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Running a Marathon?

Is a Marathon on the horizon? Many runners experience hip, knee, shin, ankle and foot pain when they are training for events. It’s the sheer volume of training, combined with any underlying biomechanical issues or muscle imbalances which can lead to such pains. We...

Chronic Back Pain

A recent study has shown that chronic back pain, which has lasted many years, responds well to a combination of Physiotherapy exercises and Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). A trial conducted on 245 patients showed a significant reduction in pain relief and a...

Andy Murray has Acupuncture

Judy Murray informed the Daily Mail that her son, Andy Murray, receives regular acupuncture treatment from his physiotherapist to help relieve tension and inflammation. This is something we offer at Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy. In our clinical experience, acupuncture...

Ever wondered how nuts grow?

Did you know that a peanut grows underground? And almonds and cashew nuts within a fruit? Check out this interesting article