At Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy, we’re always on the look out for great talent.

Opportunities often arise for Physiotherapists with a BSc or MSc in Physiotherapy to join our team.

If you’re interested in being considered for any future opportunities, please send your CV along with a covering letter to


We have no opportunities at this present moment in time.


We have no opportunities at this present moment in time.


We asked our Clinical Lead, Jennifer Coombes, a series of questions, which provides an insight into her experience working for us.

1) Tell us a bit about your background as a therapist?

I am an MSK Physiotherapist with 13 years experience. I started my career in the NHS where I went through a broad range of rotations and eventually started to specialise into MSK which was where my heart lay. I enjoyed problem solving and having a structured routine to my day so it was a good fit for me. I transferred to the private sector in 2014 and have worked for 2 private MSK clinics in the Southampton area. I currently hold the Clinical Lead role at Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy. Over the years I have accrued various other strings to my bow including qualifications in Pilates, Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy and Pink Ribbon Rehabilitation.

2) What attracted you to want to join this clinic?

I joined Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy in 2018. I was looking for a forward thinking and dynamic team where I could develop my clinical skills and progress through a career pathway. Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy came across as very professional. At my interview, I got the impression that my character would fit in well within the team. I felt that this was a team where my ambitions could be realised.

3) How have you found working here in reality?

The reality of a busy private clinic is that you get out what you put in. If you work hard to support your patients and colleagues you will have a rewarding working life which is fulfilling. The rewards are seen in the patient’s faces when they thank you for making such a big difference to their world. Their achievements are acknowledged in the team which makes you feel very valued.

4) Describe what a typical day might be like for you?

I have a busy full clinic of patients which is interspersed with Pilates sessions, 121 clinical reasoning discussions with team members and training/ personal development sessions.

5) Tell us about the core values of the business and how they fit with your own beliefs?

Integrity: I will go the extra mile for my clients. I take pride in my profession and part of that is following through with promises I have made to clients and other team members. This helps to leave a good and lasting impression of me and the team.

Compassion: I want clients to feel listened to and have their story heard. I believe that empathy creates rapport and a strong therapeutic alliance, and I do my upmost to build this relationship with the clients I see. I believe that rehabilitation is multi-factorial and you need to address the mind as well as the body. Addressing all factors creates the best outcome for clients and helps them to reach their goals.

Health and Wellbeing: I believe that we have a unique opportunity to motivate clients to achieve life long physical and mental wellbeing. I believe that a big part of my role is not only to help clients achieve their goals but help them to remain injury and pain free and adopt healthy lifelong strategies which will see them doing what is important to them for the long term.

6) What development opportunities do you get from the business?

I have developed more under JCP than in any other part of my career. I have presented at and listened to numerous training events. I frequently have zoom discussions with other clinicians in order to reflect on patients and formulate the best plan of action going forwards. There are regular Personal Development Reviews (PDRs) with the Clinical Director where I have mapped out my next career goals and ambitions. Each month we have a KPI meeting which celebrates the successes I have had with my patients and reflects on what more I can do to be the physiotherapist I strive to be.

7) From your own experience, what type of person will be best suited to working here?

A person who has a friendly and warm character and brings an energy to the team. A person who wants to learn and support the learning of others. A person who cares about their patients and wants to help them realise their goals and go that extra mile when needed. A person with the work resilience to cope with a busy clinic and the demands that brings.

8) Why would you recommend working for us?

I would recommend working for JCP because it is a company where you feel valued. Ideas are listened to and considered. It is a friendly team which makes it a pleasure to come to work and be around like minded people. There is a management style which supports professional ambition and helps you achieve your personal goals. You would be a part of a team to be proud of.