Positive about Pears! 

Did you know that these little fruits are packed with nutritional benefits?! They have been shown to:    Enhance Bone Health Containing magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium and copper, these minerals help to reduce bone mineral loss, fending off conditions...

Have you had your 5-a-day?

Did you know that 1 banana contains: Vitamin B6 (for nerve, brain, skin and circulatory health) Manganese (for bone production, skin health and blood pressure control) Vitamin C (for brain and immune system health) Potassium (to aid nutrient intake and remove waste...

Positive Pineapple

Holding onto the last bits of summer with freshly chopped pineapple! This super fruit is known for its role in:   Reducing inflammation Preventing acne Evening out skin tone Boosting your Vitamin C levels!