Ever Wondered How Long Your Injury Will Take To Heal?

Healing Timescales

Ever wondered how long your injury will take to heal?

Based on the current science, research and our experience at Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy, below lists how long 20 of the typical injuries that we see take to heal with a comprehensive physiotherapy treatment plan in place.

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Exercise Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

0-3 days

Muscle Strains

Grade 12-3 weeks
Grade 22-3 months
Grade 33-6 months
Surgical Repair6-12 months

Ligament Sprains

Grade 12-4 weeks
Grade 22-3 months
Grade 33-12 months
Surgical Reconstruction12 months

Tendon Injuries

Reactive Tendinopathy4-6 weeks
Tendon Dysrepair3-6 months
Degenerative Tendinopathy6-12 months
Tear3-6 months
Rupture +/- Surgical Repair4-12 months


4-6 weeks

Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

3-12 months

Plantar Fasciopathy

6-18 months

Bony Injuries

Stress Fracture6-8 weeks
Fracture6 weeks – 4 months
Bony Bruising1-2 months

Meniscal Injuries

Meniscal Tear (Red Zone)6-8 weeks
Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair3-5 months
Meniscectomy4-6 weeks

Cartilage Injuries

Minor Cartilage Injuries6 weeks
Cartilage Repair Surgery3-6 months

Shin Splints

3-6 months

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

3-6 months

Frozen Shoulder

18-24 months


2-6 weeks

Whiplash Injury

90% of Whiplash Injuries4 weeks – 3 months
Remaining 10% of Whiplash Injuries> 6 months

Acute Lower Back Pain

Acute Lower Back Pain6 weeks
Recurrence Rate Without Physiotherapy33% chance of recurrence

Disc Bulge or Herniation

95% of Cases3-12 weeks
5% of Cases12 weeks – 2 years

ITB Syndrome

4-8 weeks

Piriformis Syndrome

6 weeks