Acupuncture Can Work Wonders

Jonathan Clark – Owner and Clinical Director

‘Let me tell you about Richard Fraser and let me tell you about the excellent effect Acupuncture has had on him.’

‘I first saw Richard Fraser in September, with a one year history of chronic back pain and sciatica, which was completely affecting his life. After a course of 8 sessions of Acupuncture at the Oxford Street clinic in Southampton, his pain has dramatically reduced and Richard is now happily back at the gym lifting weights and working his cardiovascular system on the machines.’

Acupuncture has traditionally been used for thousands of years in Ancient China, but it has been exploited more recently in the West by Doctors, Dentists and Physiotherapists on the back of years of developing, testing, researching and refining. It has been proven in numerous clinical trials to be extremely effective for reducing acute and chronic pain, muscle spasm and increasing blood flow to an area.

If you’re struggling with pain, why not give it a shot? It could potentially really help you get back to living a more comfortable, pain free life. Call up today on 02381300260 to book in for an initial consultation and treatment at either of our Physiotherapy clinics in Southampton.