Bread, Pasta and Rice; Why Carbohydrates are bad for you!

Carbohydrates, grains such as rice, wheat, corn and oats are a common part of our diets.

Stocked in supermarkets, they are often refined – this involves the removal of bran and germ, important dietary fibres, B vitamins and minerals, resulting in long life products such as white rice and white bread.

Carbohydrates contain sugar, increasing the body’s insulin production and in turn causing increased fat production. This can heighten the risk of Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes and Inflammatory Disorders.

‘While there’s a lot of carbohydrate in both types of rice, the presence of fibre in unprocessed varieties delays the breakdown of carbohydrates to sugar inside the body. But with refined rice and other grains, the absence of fibre means their carbohydrates are easily accessible in the body and are quickly turned into sugar.’

Studies have shown that diets low in carbohydrates reduce your risk of Metabolic Syndrome, conditions such as Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke.

Switch to 100% wholegrain and make sure you have a balanced diet!

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