Discovering Proprioception

You may often hear physiotherapists talking about proprioception, but what exactly does this mean?

Proprioception is our bodies ability to perceive itself, this involves our awareness of joint position, motion, vibration and pressure.  Now most of us all have relatively good proprioception; however, what happens when we get an injury and this system is affected?

This is commonly seen in ankle sprains, when patients struggle to maintain ankle joint stability. The mechanism of injury causes disruption to the ligaments around the ankle, which compromises the ability of receptors around our ankle to send information to our brain. Receptors provide feedback to our brain about position and movement, but when this is disrupted, it results in poor motor control.

At Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy, we devise individualised rehabilitation programmes to enhance your proprioception after injury. We use balance and wobble boards, swiss balls, dura disks and a variety of exercises designed to challenge your coordination and agility, whilst improving range of movement and strength. This provides a functional recovery and allows you to return to the activities you enjoy!