The Amazing World of Human Anatomy: Muscles!

Have you ever wondered what a muscle is, how it works and why it can get injured?

Let us show you!


Did you know our human body has over 650 muscles! That’s a lot!

Each muscle is made up of lots of springy fibres, just like strawberry laces from the sweet shop, thousands of them, all tied together in a bundle, working as a team.

This team-work helps us to move our body, by bending, straightening and supporting our joints.

Fun fact:

Frowning uses more muscles than smiling does. 


Sometimes muscles can get injured, leading to pain and discomfort.

Muscles can get tight, knotted, torn or ruptured.

The most common problem we see in people is muscle tightness.

Muscle tightness is an inability of the muscle to move properly, and it can happen due to multiple reasons. However, the most common reason is the lack of stretching in our program.

Without regular stretching, our body gets cold, and our muscles tighten up just like jelly left in the freezer!

As a result our body will become more vulnerable to pain and discomfort.


The solution to muscle tightness is actually quite simple!

The best solution is to start stretching everyday, preferably in the morning to kickstart the day or by having regular sports massage!

Stretching and sports massage will increase the muscle flexibility and promote muscle relaxation, helping us feel more mobile and relaxed.

It can take around 30 days to see mobility improvements after stretching and sports massage! However, there is immediate relief after a session of stretching or sports massage.

If left untreated muscle tightness could lead to pain and day to day discomfort.

Case Study

Rebecca came to us with discomfort and pain around the front and back of the legs, which was stopping her from going to the gym and exercising properly!

As a result, after just one session of sports massage, Rebecca noticed an improvement in flexibility and a decrease in pain! This is what she had to say about the treatment:

“I had a sports massage at Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy where I was treated by Rares. His treatment helped alleviate my pain symptoms and I would definitely return for future sessions. I would highly recommended Rares for anyone who has an injury.” Rebecca Brown.

How To Book

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Our experts will diagnose your injury , teach you about it and treat it.

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