Pregnancy FAQs

Pregnancy FAQs

Q: Should I have Physiotherapy whilst pregnant or trying for a baby?

A: Yes, you can do physiotherapy when pregnant or trying for a baby. However, your therapist needs to be made aware, as certain treatments may not be appropriate during pregnancy. Your therapist also needs to be aware of any pregnancy related complications, so that treatment can be adapted as appropriate.

Q: Should I have Sports Massage whilst pregnant?

A: Not in the first trimester. Always make your therapist aware that you are pregnant.

Q: When can I start or come back to Physiotherapy after having a baby?

A: If you’ve had a straightforward pregnancy and delivery, you can start back as soon as you feel up to it. Physiotherapy should incorporate tummy muscle exercises and pelvic floor work throughout the post-natal period.

Q: When can I start or come back to Physiotherapy after having a c-section?

A: If you’ve had a c-section, you will need to leave it a little longer. The 6-week review with your GP is a good time to check in on how you are doing and if all is well, and you feel up to it, you can start back with Physiotherapy.

Q: What services can I book in for whilst pregnant?

A: Physiotherapy, Sports Massage (after the first trimester), Shockwave Therapy (so long as the foetus is not in the treatment area), Free Injury Clinic, Running Clinic (as long as they were a runner before pregnancy), Acupuncture, 121 Physio-led Pilates

Q: What services can’t I book in for whilst pregnant?

A: Sports Massage (first trimester), Shockwave Therapy (over the foetus), Physio-led Pilates Classes

Q: Do I need to change my exercises since finding out I am pregnant?

A: It is a possibility that physiotherapy treatment may need to be adapted during pregnancy, therefore it is important to inform your therapist of pregnancy and any complications.

Q: Can I do physical activity whilst pregnant, or after childbirth?

A: Here are the recommendations for physical activity during pregnancy, or after childbirth

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