The Superhero called “Tendon”

The Amazing World of Human Anatomy: Tendons!

Have you ever wondered what a tendon is, how it works and why it can get injured?

Let us show you!


A tendon is like a bridge, it connects a muscle with a bone. Just like a bridge, a tendon is very strong and sturdy.

When a specific muscles contracts, the tendon pulls the bone into action.

Tendons are the “superheroes” inside our body, as they are composed of parallel bundles of collagen fibres making then incredibly strong.

We have approximately 4,000 tendons in our body, however the exact number depends on your size and muscles mass!

Fun Fact

The smallest tendon in our body is called Stapedius which is 6mm in length. That is crazy!


Even superheroes have bad days and get injured from time to time!

The most common tendon injury is called a Tendinopathy, which is a failed healing response of the tendon.

Tendinopathies usually happen due to overuse or a rapid increase in the volume of an activity such as running.

Usual presentation of Tendinopathy is pain right over the tendon especially in the morning, stiffness, tenderness at touch and in some cases slight swelling!


You think that could be your problem?

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you!

 Shockwave therapy combined with an appropriate loading programme is the best solutions for treating Tendinopathies.

Shockwave therapy has a 82% success rate and it improves the speed of recovery by 40%, getting you back to normal faster than ever.

Here at Jonathan clark Physiotherapy we pride ourselves in providing the best Shockwave therapy treatment complimented by personalised loading programme, aimed at getting you better as fast as possible!

Case Study

Timothy came to us with pain around the elbow when trying to exercise, which was stopping him from achieving his physical goals.

As a result of a loading programme and shockwave therapy with Lois, Timothy has return back to the gym feeling stronger and better than before!

This is what he had to say about his treatment:

“This is the second time I have used this physiotherapy practice so I would highly recommend it. Lois helped me to recover in a matter of weeks with the use of massage, at home exercises and shock wave therapy” Timothy Bullock

How to Book 

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Our experts will diagnose, treat and teach you about how to treat and prevent this from happening again!

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