What are Muscle Knots?

Also known as ‘Myofascial Trigger Points’, Muscle Knots are areas of contracted muscle fibre. They develop due to increased physical activity, overuse, poor posture, muscular imbalance or stress.

Long periods of fibre contraction can result in chronic tension, often seen in the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Prolonged muscle contraction restricts oxygen and nutrient transfer to the muscle, creating a build up of toxins which can cause inflammation and pain. Chronic changes include:

  • Muscle stiffness
  • Fibrosis of muscle fibres (hardening)
  • Loss of mobility and flexibility
  • Loss of elasticity

Physiotherapy can play a vital role in reducing and removing muscle knots. At Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy, our therapists provide manual therapy, including soft and deep tissue massage to help break up adhesions in the muscle fibres, as well as specialised exercise / stretching programmes to help you regain range of movement. We also provide acupuncture which has been shown to reduce pain and eliminate muscle knots. Your Physiotherapist may also advocate rest and hydration advice to increase blood flow and circulation to the muscle fibres.