What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow is a term used to describe tendinopathy to the lateral aspect of the elbow; this is also known as Lateral Epicondylitis. It results in pain on the lateral epicondyle of the forearm which is the origin for the extensor tendons.

Lateral epicondylitis is common between 30-60 years but can sometimes be seen in the young population; pain is often localised and can be aggravated by minor everyday activities or repeated activity e.g. throwing, tennis, squash and badminton. This injury is also seen due to poor ergonomics at work e.g. sitting for long periods at laptops or computers.

This injury causes an increase in nociceptive fibres (painful nerve endings) which cause a sensation of intense pain on specific movements and sometimes at rest; additionally, it may be due to degenerative changes to the tendons from repeated overuse, this can cause micro-tears to form in the tendon. Wrist extension, resisted middle finger extension and gripping are usually painful movements to perform.

At Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy we offer advice and education regarding pain relief, including ice, painkillers and relative rest, as well as helping you to correct your posture or sporting technique to prevent re-occurence. We use a combination of specific strength and coordination exercises as well as isometric, concentric, eccentric and functional exercises to help you regain full range of movement and flexibility of the joint.

Our therapists also provide ultrasound, taping, soft tissue techniques and digital ischemic pressure to help manage your symptoms and achieve full recovery, ultimately allowing you to return to normal activity levels.