Do you play tennis and suffer with shoulder pain?

Do you play Tennis and Suffer with Shoulder pain?

Are you wondering why you are experiencing pain everytime you serve, or why you may be finding it difficult to achieve that advantage over your opponent?

We have the answers and solutions to get you back on that court with a raquet in hand!

Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain (RCRSP) is a commonly diagnosed cause for shoulder pain which can leave you disadvantaged when it comes to playing a sport you love.

The Science

RCRSP is a term used to describe a collection of conditions including subacromial (impingement) syndrome, rotator cuff tendinopathy, rotator cuff tears, and subacromial bursitis.

Your rotator cuff is a series of 4 muscles that surround the shoulder blade and attatch to the tip of the arm via tendons. As the name suggests these muscles are the driving force behind rotation of the shoulder joint.

You may be experiencing pain located at the tip of the shoulder joint and into the upper arm secondary to tears in the muscle, tendon and referred inflammation around the surrounding soft tissue structures.

It is often aggravated by elevating the arm, narrowing the space, particularly when performing overhead strokes and serves.

This can present as acute or persistent pain over the top of the shoulder and restriction in range of movement which occurs without any known preceding trauma.

The Solution

Our team will provide a host of specific treatment options for short term pain relief as well as equip you with a tool belt of long-term management strategies to take with you into the future.

We have a variety of treatment options at our disposal to help us treat your shoulder pain including, mobilisation and manipulation, ultrasound therapy, soft tissue and deep tissue massage and acupuncture.

We will provide you with a bespoke exercise program which will aim to address any muscle weakness, and enhance functional movement to get you back to a pain free shot.

Client Testimonial

After acquiring a shoulder injury I was able to get a free assessment and further treatment really quickly which was hugely appreciated. I was treated by Johnny who was amazing and the treatment and exercise programme had a really effective impact. Johnny was also really helpful and provided a summary of my injury and treatment.
Highly recommended, I will definitely use them in the future for physiotherapy should I require it. – Eve Hooper

How to Book

If you are an avid tennis player and suffer with shoulder pain, book online or call us on 02381300260, so we can help you get back to the sport you love.

We have plenty of current availability at our clinics in Southampton, Whiteley and Midhurst.