A Cyclist with Knee Pain

A Cyclist with Knee Pain

Are you a cyclist with knee pain, if so, then do not delay your treatment and recovery!

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The Science

There are various structures that can get injured in your knee when cycling.

Firstly, pain at the front of your knee is typically due to irritation of the underside of your kneecap or patella tendon.

Secondly, pain on the inside of your knee is typically due to irritation of your medial collateral ligament.

Thirdly, pain on the outside of your knee is typically due to ITB syndrome.

These structures get overloaded when you increase your cycling volume or frequency.

The Solution

Rest won’t be enough to get rid of your knee pain. First and foremost, we will conduct a clinical assessment to better understand which structures are getting overloaded and why. Based on our assessment findings, we find that the best form of treatment is a course of Shockwave Therapy, combined with an exercise programme.

Your knee pain takes 3 months to resolve with the correct treatment. Conversely, without the correct treatment, your knee pain will continue to impact your ability to cycle.

Client Case Study

Andrew came to see us with left sided patella tendon pain. This was firstly due to an increase in his cycling volume and frequency. Secondly, weakness in his gluteal muscles around his left hip.

We put Andrew onto an immediate treatment plan. This included a course of Shockwave Therapy. We combined this with a strengthening programme. As a result, his knee pain resolved. The plan worked!

After 6 weeks, Andrew cycled 200km symptom free. Another great result! Andrew was delighted, and here is what he had to say about us: –

“I went in with chronic knee pain and 6 weeks later, my knees feel better than ever. Jonathan’s rooms are well equipped and he is a great physio to work with. I will definitely be back to treat my next inevitable middle-aged sports injury.” Andrew Morgan

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