Acupuncture for Raynaud’s!

Joyce was diagnosed with Raynaud’s phenomenon, a common disorder in which the small blood vessels in the extremities are over-sensitive to changes in temperature and spasmodically contract, thus restricting blood flow to the hand and fingers. The discolouration is remarkable. There may be considerable pain, numbness or tingling.

For the past few weeks Joyce would experience this phenomenon after 10 minutes outdoors, however, following just one Physiotherapy session of Acupuncture treatment at our Jubilee clinic in Southampton, she has been symptom free for a week. Great news. We have conducted a second session to reinforce the effects and will be catching up with her in one weeks time for a review.

In review of the evidence, there is a wealth of evidence out there to advocate the effects of acupuncture for treating this phenomenon. Book in today with Jonathan Clark on 02381300260.