Allergies And How To Beat Them

‘The World Health Organisation claims that 20% – 30% of the global population suffer from some form of allergic disease’

Reducing Your Reaction To Allergies

  • Avoid toxins (e.g. smoking) Smoking causes acute and chronic nasal symptoms in adults and children.
  • Alcohol consumption (increased alcohol has been linked to allergic responses such as itching, swelling, headache, cough and asthma) Alcohol contains histamine, a chemical which induces the immune response / triggers allergy symptoms.
  • Western diet (e.g. dairy / wheat / fried food / processed meats) These foods have been shown to damage the immune system, creating intolerances which are associated with fatigue, joint pain, eczema and acne.

What Foods Can Help?

  • Vitamin C & zinc
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Omega 3 (oily fish)
  • Probiotics (yoghurt)

The above foods help to naturally lower histamine levels, reduce inflammation and offer immune system support. All of which can reduce your susceptibility and reaction to allergies.