Are you a carpenter with elbow pain?

Are you a carpenter with elbow pain?

You might feel a faint pain over the lateral side of the elbow that gets worse as you get closer to finishing your project.

With summer just around the corner and project opportunities skyrocketing during this period, we know how important it is to be in the best shape possible.

Pain over the the lateral side of the elbow usually indicates that you’re suffering from something called “Lateral Epicondylitis”, commonly know as “Tennis Elbow”.

We’ve helped out a number of Southampton and Whiteley carpenters throughout the years with this exact problem.

The Science

Lateral Epicondylitis is a name used to describe pain arising from the lateral elbow that can radiate upwards along the upper arm or downwards along the outside of your forearm.

This injury is caused by repetitive work-related activities such as hammering down a nail, handling tools heavier than 1 kg, as well as strength deficit and imbalance.

If you suffer from Lateral Epicondylitis you are likely to suffer with pain over the lateral elbow not only when working, but also when playing with your kids, carrying shopping bags or even picking up your favourite cup of coffee in the morning.

The Solution

Rest assured, our experts in Southampton and Whiteley have the best solution for your problem.

We will treat your problem with an exercise program tailored specifically for your needs.

Simultaneously we will administer a course of shockwave therapy, which is designed to speed up the process and increase the chances of a successful outcome.

Clive came to us suffering with elbow pain. This is what he had to say about his experience at Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy: –

Client Testimonials

“Treated for tennis elbow, golfers elbow with traditional remedies, acupuncture and shockwave therapy. Also treated for a herniated disk in my back. The results in each case were exceptional and the approach was professional, welcoming and management through the Covid 19 challenges was first class. Would definitely recommend treatment here.” – Clive Thomas

How to Book

If you are a carpenter with elbow pain, book online or call us on 02381300260, so we can help you get back to your passion, and ready for the next exiting project.

We have plenty of current availability at our clinics in Southampton and Whiteley.