Can Physiotherapy help my Tennis Elbow?

The answer is, yes. A recent well conducted randomised controlled trial, including 198 participants diagnosed with Tennis Elbow, showed that Physiotherapy can alleviate pain and dysfunction in both the short and long term.

Interestingly, corticosteroid injections showed significantly better effects at 6 weeks, but significantly poorer outcomes in the long term compared with Physiotherapy.

Tennis Elbow appears to follow a natural course over 1-2 years and in most cases, will heal with time, but this is not always so. The evidence strongly recommends Physiotherapy to appropriately diagnose, reduce symptoms and help you to manage the condition, in order to ensure the best outcome for you in the future.

At Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy, our therapists can provide Acupuncture, Soft Tissue Massage, Stretches, Strengthening Exercises and Kinesiology Taping to help reduce your pain and help you get back to normal activities!

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