Do you work at a desk and suffer with elbow pain?


Do work at a desk and suffer with elbow pain?


Finding yourself stuck between a desk and a hard place? We can help!

Since the pandemic, many of us have had to adjust to new working environments and face the many perils of working from home!

Elbow pain can arise as a result of sitting in prolonged positions for long stretches of time, as we all do when working behind a desk.

At Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy, we have helped many dedicated desk workers get back behind a keyboard to the job they love.

The Science

If you are experiencing elbow pain as a result of working behind a desk, you may have cubital tunnel syndrome.

Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs as a result of inflammation of the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve passes through a tunnel made up of muscle, tendon and ligament that is located on the inside of your elbow.

Cubital tunnel syndrome might present as pain on the inside of your elbow and down your forearm and or numbness/tingling in your ring and little fingers.

This can occur after persistently resting your elbows on a desk or holding your elbow in a bent position for a long time.

The Solution

Our team will provide a host of specific treatment options for short term pain relief as well as equip you with a tool belt of long-term management strategies to take with you into the future.

We have a variety of treatment options at our disposal to help us treat your elbow pain including, mobilisation and manipulation, ultrasound therapy and acupuncture.

We will provide you with a bespoke exercise program which will aim to address any muscle weakness, and enhance functional movement to see you on your way to a full recovery.

Client Testimonial

“Where do I begin, Johnny from the Oxford Road branch has completely changed my life. A brilliant service all round, he’s always been professional and courteous! I’m back to my good self since attending here weekly, I can’t praise him enough for the care and attention received. Definitely recommend using their services.” – Dylan Young

How to Book

If you work at a desk and suffer with elbow pain, book online or call us on 02381300260, so we can help you get back to the desk job you love.

We have plenty of current availability at our clinics in Southampton, Whiteley and Midhurst.