Does diet effect my rate of recovery from injury?

Does diet effect my rate of recovery from injury?

If you are someone thinking “does diet effect my rate of recovery from injury” or just generally feeling more fatigued than normal, then don’t delay getting in touch with us today!

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The Science

The treatment for any musculoskeletal injury leads to activation or stimulation of different cell processes. This means that, there’s a need for suitable vitamin, mineral and protein intake to aid treatment and ensure optimum success.

Protein is very important during injury rehab due to it being the building blocks for muscle, bone and connective tissue. It also helps you to maintain the muscle strength and mass for when you get back to full capacity.

The Solution

Ignoring your nutrition and thinking time is the best healer is unfortunately not the case. We have found client’s who have taken responsibility for their nutrition as well as their rehabilitation have had the best outcomes!

A nutrition initial consultation enables us to understand what your diet consists of and whether you are meeting the nutritional requirements for you!

Client Case Study

Sara came in to see us post ACL reconstructive surgery.

We put Sara on a combination approach of both physiotherapy and nutrition. Sara is recovering really well and we couldn’t be happier with the progress she has made, she has even booked to go to a festival next month!

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