Health & Wellbeing; How does this affect ageing?

With ageing comes the inevitable changes to our bodies, including reduced organ function, slower metabolism and blood pressure changes. Although genetics are a key contributor to our ageing processes, there are however, lifestyle factors that you can control!

1. Avoid Toxins e.g. Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol is associated with dehydration (increased wrinkles) and an imbalance of iron levels (causing hair loss) as well as liver failure. Tobacco use can reduce your blood oxygen levels, again damaging your skin and internal organs.

2. Diet

Reduce your sugar and salt intake; both substances have been linked to dehydration and the reduction of the skins elasticity. Wheat and grains are also associated with chronic inflammation which can result in multiple diseases of the immune system.

3. Exercise

Keep your activity levels high, this increases blood flow, reduces blood pressure and enhances your skin!

4. Sleep

Make sure you get enough rest! Deprivation of sleep speeds up the molecular progress of ageing (fine lines, wrinkles, skin discolouration) and also reduces our natural antioxidant production.