What is it?

A degenerative joint disease, mainly affecting weight bearing joints. Characterised by a slowly progressing stiffness.


  1. Softening of articular cartilage
  2. Thinning of cartilage
  3. Formation of cavities which expose underlying bone
  4. Fragments of bone shed into joint space
  5. Bony sclerosis (abnormal hardening on bone)
  6. Bony cyst and osteophyte formation at joint margins
  7. Inflammation and fibrosis of soft tissues

This results in irregular joint space and poor movement between joints

Clinical features

  • Pain on weight bearing
  • Stiffness
  • Reduced range of movement
  • Swelling and heat
  • Deformity and crepitus

At Jonathan Clark, our Physiotherapists can prescribe exercises to help Osteoarthritic joints. We provide advice and education regarding exercise, pain relief and management techniques.