Running Related Hip Pain

Running Related Hip Pain

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The Science

There are various structures that can get injured in your hip when running.

Firstly, pain at the front of your hip is typically due to a hip flexor tendinopathy.

Secondly, pain on the outside of your hip is typically due to a gluteal tendinopathy.

Thirdly, pain at the back of your hip, below your bum cheek, is typically due to a hamstring tendinopathy.

Each of these tendons have a load capacity. When that load capacity is exceeded, your tendon reacts. As a result, a tendinopathy develops. This happens when you increase your training volume or frequency.

The Solution

Rest won’t be enough to get rid of a tendinopathy. We find that the best form of treatment is a tendon strengthening programme, combined with a course of Shockwave Therapy.

Your tendinopathy takes 3 months to resolve with the correct treatment. Conversely, without the correct treatment, your tendinopathy will continue to impact your ability to run.

You can find out more about Shockwave Therapy here.

Client Case Study

Louise came to see us with right sided hip pain when running, which was due to a gluteal tendinopathy.

Louise was increasing her running mileage in preparation for an event. However, she began to experience pain.

Louise had a course of treatment, combined with a Running Clinic assessment. As a result, Louise was able to run symptom free! This is what she had to say about us: –

“When I first went to see Jonathan I was in a lot of pain with my hip. He diagnosed me with tendinopathy. And I had 6 weeks of physio, an exercise programme and eventually acupuncture. After the six weeks and 2 visits to (the lovely) Kerry at the running clinic, who completely changed my running technique and created a strengthening programme to help prevent a recurrence. I am pain free. Would highly recommend!” Louise Fry

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