Safe Posture on Lifting

A short but interesting read on the biomechanics of the lumbar spine and the importance of lumbar posture during lifting.

“Don’t bend your back whilst lifting”- is this the best advice?

Research has shown that lifting items from below knee level with a fully flexed spine produces greater force than lifting with a lordotic spine.

‘This may explain why people frequently use a flexed spine to lift, since it is very energy efficient due to the lower levels of muscle control.  In contrast, when the spine remains lordotic whilst lifting, it is very energy demanding and one cannot lift as much.’

‘The key messages from this research are that we should tell our clients that it is not only necessary for their back to bend when lifting items from below knee level, it is normal and unavoidable. Trying to keep your back as lordotic as possible is very energy demanding and an inefficient posture to use.’