Shockwave Therapy for Tennis Elbow

If you’re an office worker, sports person or simply someone doing a lot of household chores, and are experiencing pain in the outside part of your elbow, then don’t delay your treatment!

Shockwave Therapy for tennis elbow is the best possible treatment for this condition!

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The Science

The tendons that attach to the outside part of your elbow have a load capacity, and when that load capacity is exceeded, the tendons react and tennis elbow develops.

At work, this typically happens when your work involves a lot of typing, mouse work, answering the phone and gripping things.

During sport, this typically happens when you grip any kind of racquet or club depending on the sport you play.

At home, this typically happens when you undertake a lot of household chores.

The Solution

Rest won’t be enough to get rid of your tennis elbow. Based on the science, and our clinical expertise in the management of tennis elbow, we recommend a progressive tendon loading programme, combined with a course of Shockwave Therapy.

With the correct treatment in place, tennis elbow takes 3 months to resolve. Without the correct treatment in place, tennis elbow will either take 12 months to resolve or continue to happen.

Client Case Study

Suha came to see us with right sided tennis elbow. The onset of tennis elbow for Suha was due to a period at home involving lots of carrying, lifting of pots and pans, raking, driving and cooking. As a result, her tendons got overloaded, and tennis elbow developed.

Suha had a course of Shockwave Therapy combined with a progressive loading programme.

After 6 weeks, her symptoms had completely resolved. Another fantastic result!

Time and time again our approach to the management of tennis elbow has resulted in excellent outcomes.

How To Book

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