Strength & Conditioning

What is Strength and Conditioning and How Can It Help Me? 

What is Strength and Conditioning? 

Strength and conditioning is more than just lifting weights and running. It’s a science-backed approach to build strength, boost endurance, and improve movement all while sculpting your body. 

It benefits everyone, from athletes chasing peak performance to everyday people seeking resilience and well-being. Through our tailored programs, you’ll be guided to reach your personal goals, whilst preventing injury and building strength. 

Who is it Appropriate For?  

Strength and conditioning is appropriate for everyone of all ages and abilities, it could be applied to all of the following scenarios: 

  • Someone is looking to build up their strength related to their chosen sport 
  • Someone is looking to prevent injuries from occurring in the future 
  • Someone is looking to get started in the gym 
  • Someone is looking to improve their health and quality of life 

Our therapists will work closely with you to listen to your needs and construct a plan to help achieve your goals.  

It should be noted that this service is a preventative strategy and would not be a first recommended session for someone in active pain. Alternatively, if you are currently in pain or have been injured then we recommend booking in for a physiotherapy initial consultation.


Why Would this Benefit me?  

Strength training (resistance exercise) leads to an increase in strength and power via neuromuscular adaptations. These adaptations lead to improvements in the following: 

  • Sleep 
  • Injury Prevention  
  • Increased bone density  
  • Sports performance 
  • Mobility and flexibility 
  • Muscle strength and endurance  

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend adults (18-64) should be participating in at least two strengthening sessions per week that involve all major muscle groups. It has been shown that incorporating this into your routine can reduce the health risks listed below: 

  • Reduce Hypertension by 33% 
  • Reduce Type 2 Diabetes by 35% 
  • Reduce Depression by 48% 
  • Reduce Bone Fractures by 66% 
  • Reduce All-cause Mortality by 30% 

For further information please click the link below. 

Client Testimonials 

“Jordan helped me with pain and clicking in the knee as well as strengthening my legs and ankles. His assessment and guidance were excellent, and every session, he was changing my exercise program to achieve the goals we set. Now, I have no pain in my knee or need for ankle supports when playing football. Thank you, very satisfactory experience.” Maria Angelica Hernandez Colin 

“I’ve used Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy a couple of times now, with Niall specifically. This time with my ankle he has been great help with his effective programme he’s been setting me over the weeks of recovery to help me return to full fitness. Wouldn’t have been able to do recover faster and stronger without him.” Euan Pryce-Jones  

“I have been having a few sessions with Max for my disc injury from deadlift. He has been helping quite a lot using his expertise in sports rehabilitation. Very satisfactory experience overall.” A D 

“I injured my knee and have a long recovery ahead of me. Jordan at JCP has really speeded up my progress towards normal. They took time to thoroughly understand my injury and goals. They designed my exercise program to match, explaining the purpose of each one, measuring progress at each session and adjusting the program to reflect it. As a result I am doing better than my consultant predicted. Thoroughly recommended.” Michael Sparks 


Our prices can be found here.

We offer single appointment prices, a 3 appointment package, or a 6 appointment package, to help you save on the cost of your strength and conditioning.

How to Book In 

To book in, simply call our booking line on 02381300260 or book online today, selecting the ‘Strength & Conditioning – 60 Minutes’ appointment type.

Please note, this service is only available at 2 of our clinics, the Jubilee Sports Centre, and BizSpace Fareham, where we have access to gym equipment.

We look forward to helping you soon.

Niall Stubbs | Sports & Exercise Therapist / MSc Physiotherapy