What are Mobilisations?

Mobilisations are a form of manual therapy; ’…the use of hands in a curative and healing manner or a hands-on technique with therapeutic intent…’ used to treat and manage dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.

Physiotherapists use mobilisations as a treatment technique to address joint pain and stiffness associated with joint, muscle, tendon or ligament injury. This can often be caused by trauma, overuse or disuse of the joint.

Mobilisations focus on restoring normal range of pain free joint movement. Physiotherapists perform mobilisations using small passive movements which are rhythmical in nature and vary in degrees of pressure. This technique is performed at various locations and angles, allowing us to target specific areas of restricted movement.

  • Grade 1+2: Suitable for acute and sensitive areas, provides pain relief
  • Grade 3: Used for pain relief as well as restoring range of movement
  • Grade 4: Mainly used for chronic musculoskeletal pathologies in restoring range of movement