What is a Muscle Knot?

A knot is a small area within a muscle that is constantly contracted, not relaxed. The knot is often the size of a 2p coin. These knots, or trigger points as they are technically described, are abundant within muscles throughout our body. They are natural and part of our anatomy. Usually, knots are latent and don’t affect us, however occasionally, these knots can become active.

There are a number of causes that result in a knot becoming active; posture, muscle overload, muscle imbalances, stress and recent injury being the main causative factors. When a knot becomes active, it causes pain. It can cause pain at the site of the knot, or it can refer it elsewhere in the body.

At Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy in Southampton, not only do we have the relevant skills to treat trigger points, but we endeavour to locate the cause and help you to implement preventative measures to stop them from returning again.