What is MOVE?

The Movement Opportunities via Education (MOVE) programme began in 2010. It is a paediatric physiotherapy programme which offers cognitive and social development opportunities for children with severe and complex disabilities e.g. cerebral palsy.

The programme focusses on children’s understanding and awareness of the environment, spatial concepts and communication methods. It achieves this by incorporating goal orientated interventions into daily activities in order to ensure daily practice and greater success.

It also provides training opportunities and collaborative working between physiotherapists, occupational therapists, teachers, parents, carers and learning support assistants.

MOVE works by assessing children’s ability to sit, stand and walk. A baseline is established through the childs ability to perform 16 functional skills, these include:

  • Unsupported sitting
  • Standing
  • Sit to stand
  • Walking forwards
  • Walking backwards
  • Walking up and down steps and slopes