Why certain foods make us tired

Anyone else feeling tired after their lunch? This isn’t just part of your normal daily cycle – this is about your food choices!

It’s simple and it’s easy for us to change!

Meals with higher sugar content = fast increase in blood sugar

This results in a natural blood-glucose sugar free fall, sapping your energy levels, causing a drop in both physical and mental capacity which can last for hours!

X Burger, fries and a soda

X Cheesy baked potato

X Pancakes and syrup

✓ Chicken breast, salad and water

✓ Stir fry vegetables

✓ Omelette and steamed vegetables

Make simple choices and you can cut out those mid-afternoon tired spells that crave Red Bull!

While the science behind how our bodies react to the wrong foods may be complex, the solution isn’t. Simply stick to whole, natural foods such as meats, eggs, vegetables, some fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils, and get balanced and consistent energy levels throughout the day!