Why do I get knee pain when running?

Why do I get knee pain when running?

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The Science

There are a number of structures that can get overloaded in your knee when running.

Firstly, pain at the front of the knee is due to irritation of the underside of your kneecap or a patella tendinopathy.

Secondly, pain on the inside of the knee is due to irritation of your medial collateral ligament or a pes anserine tendinopathy.

Thirdly, pain on the outside of the knee is due to ITB syndrome.

These structures get overloaded when a runner increases their training volume or frequency.

The Solution

Rest won’t be enough to get rid of knee pain when running. We find that the best form of treatment is a strengthening programme, combined with a course of Shockwave Therapy.

Your knee pain will takes 3 months to resolve with the correct treatment. Conversely, without the correct treatment, it will continue to impact your ability to run.

Client Case Study

Matthew came to see us with left sided outside knee pain when running, which was due to ITB syndrome.

We put Matthew onto a course of treatment, combining this with a running clinic assessment.

Matthew is now running symptom free!

Matthew was very pleased. Not only has he overcome his injury, but he’s reduced the chance of future running related injuries by 75%.

Matthew has even got his wife and daughter to do the strengthening exercises at home with him, so that they can all enjoy running as a family, symptom free!

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