Why do I get shin pain when I run?


Why do I get shin pain when I run?

Are you a runner who is experiencing shin pain when you run, if so, don’t delay starting your treatment!

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The Science

Shin pain or splints, also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, is caused by a variety of reasons.

1 – Increase in running load or frequency
2 – Change in footwear
3 – Change in running surface
4 – Muscular weaknesses

Determining the cause of your shin pain is key to ensuring you are on the right recovery pathway!

The Solution

Rest won’t be enough to get rid of your shin pain when running. We find the best form of treatment is a strengthening programme combined with shockwave therapy, soft tissue and mobility work.

Your shin pain will take 3-6 months to resolve with the correct treatment. However, if left without the correct treatment, it will continue to impact your runs.

 Client Case Study

Paul came in to see us with shin pain due to starting running and therefore, increasing his running load.

He was experiencing pain during his runs and at the end. Above all, it got to a point where he had to stop running because the pain was too much!

We put Paul onto a course of treatment and he is now pain free whenever he runs!

Paul was very pleased with the outcome and continues to perform his exercises to prevent any future injury risks.

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