Are you a gym bunny struggling with lower back pain?

 Are you a gym bunny struggling with lower back pain?

You might be struggling with doing your favourite lifts, such as deadlifts or squats, because of the annoying lower back pain.

You Might have felt your back “go” in the gym, which then left you in pain for days and unable to go to the gym.

With the summer around the corner, we all know a summer body will not build itself, and back pain can be a nuisance if you’re trying to achieve a beach ready physique.

Lower back pain relating to the gym typically means you have something called a disc herniation.

The Science

A disc herniation in the spine is a condition in which the “jelly looking like” fluid inside the disc is displaced.

A disc can herniate when we squat, deadlift or even if we bend down to pick up a piece of paper, or sneeze.

If you suffer from a disc herniation you are likely to encounter a burning or stinging sensation, however in some severe cases people can present with weakness or sensation change down the legs.

The Solution

Rest assured, there is a solution. So don’t worry!

Our experts have the best solutions for your problems.

We can treat your disc herniation with a personalised rehabilitation program which is often complimented with a series of pain management treatments.

Here at Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy we can offer acupuncture, sports massage and Physio-led pilates to provide pain relief for your lower back.

Client Testimonial

“I attended the physiotherapy early December last year, after my lower back completely seized up, could barely walk, and spent 2 weeks in bed in agony. Lois assessed my situation, figured out the issue, and explained the situation in a simpler form perfectly. The advice Lois gave me got me back on my feet within two weeks, and back working again. I was amazed at how quickly her advice worked, and got me being more flexible than I ever have been! Highly recommend the physio, as the pain I was in, was the worst I’ve ever experienced, and was gone in know time at all. Thanks again to Lois for the superb work! – Edward Pearce”

How to Book

If you are a regular gym goer suffering from back pain book online or call us on 02381300260, so we can help you get back into the gym as fast as possible.