What We Treat!

From knees to elbows, ankles to wrists, hips to shoulders, fingers to toes, neck to back; we treat a wide variety of Musculoskeletal problems at Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy! Across our four locations in Southampton, Eastleigh and Fareham, we offer the services of dedicated, qualified and experienced Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists to assist in the …

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Acromioclavicular Joint Sprain

Acromioclavicular Joint (ACJ) Sprain or Separation describes an injury to the ligaments between the Acromion of the Scapula (shoulder blade) and the Clavicle (collar bone). The Acromioclavicular ligament is commonly affected, but injuries can also affect the Coracoclavicular or Coracoacromial ligament. Injuries are often caused by a fall to an outstretched arm. Ligament injuries vary …

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Back Pain

Suffering with ongoing back pain which isn’t resolving? Motor control can play a large part in ongoing pain and restoring the normal kinematics of muscles is the first step to getting you back on track! If this is you, come and meet one of our highly specialised physiotherapists who can thoroughly assess you and help …

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Spinal Disc Pathology

The spinal vertebrae are separated by fluid filled pads known as the Nucleus Pulposus. These are surrounded by a tough, fibrous outer membrane called the Annulus Fibrosus and are held in place by the spinal ligaments and surrounding muscle. The pads act as shock absorbers, helping to cushion movement and protect the cartilage between joints. …

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What is it? Costochondritis; caused by inflammation of cartilage between the ribs and sternum (breastbone). It commonly affects the 4th, 5th and 6th ribs. Cartilage is a connective tissue between joints of the body; it acts as a shock absorber to movement, protecting our joints from damage. Signs & Symptoms: Sharp chest pain Pain on …

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