The Benefits of Pilates! 

The Benefits of Pilates!  – Increase energy levels and stamina – Increase blood oxygenation through breathing techniques – Increase blood flow – Reduce blood pressure – Reduce muscle soreness – Stress relief – Improve core stability including abdominal, lower back and pelvic floor muscles – Enhance posture through skeletal alignment and greater muscle strength – …

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Can Thyme help your Respiratory System? 

Thyme can produce an essential oil which is rich in antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.  It is commonly used to treat inflammation of the mouth and throat infections. Thyme also contains expectorant and antispasmodic properties, making it an excellent treatment for bronchitis, chesty coughs and upper respiratory infections! 

Positive about Pilates!!!

Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy Ltd is now running Clinical Pilates Classes at Knightwood Leisure Centre! Our specialised classes will start on February 12th 2018 and will be tailored to your individual needs. We keep our numbers small to ensure you receive the necessary support from our dedicated and highly experienced Clinical Pilates instructor. Our Clinical Pilates classes …

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Health & Wellbeing; How does this affect ageing?

With ageing comes the inevitable changes to our bodies, including reduced organ function, slower metabolism and blood pressure changes. Although genetics are a key contributor to our ageing processes, there are however, lifestyle factors that you can control! 1. Avoid Toxins e.g. Alcohol and Tobacco Alcohol is associated with dehydration (increased wrinkles) and an imbalance …

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Looking after your Immune System

Have a read of this ‘what not to do’ guide to protect your immune system from flu causing bacteria this winter! Did you know that stress causes the body to release hormones which can reduce the effectiveness of white blood cells, resulting in a negative impact on circulation, immune function and digestion!

What is Rhodiola?

Rhodiola is a natural herb which is well known for normalising and enhancing body function. It’s use dates back to the Vikings, who used it for strength and endurance purposes. Additionally, it is also used in Asia as a common cold and flu treatment and in Mongolia it is prescribed to treat TB and cancers. Studies …

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