Chickpeas Are Good For You!

Chickpea Benefits: Contain Iron, Protein and Zinc  Help to improve body function Reduce risk of anaemia and weakness Improve concentration Boosts immune system health Enhances hair health and growth Help to regulate blood sugar levels For a healthy kick, throw into salads, curries or soups – or why not try making your own hummus!?

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Chia Seed Craze!

This nutrient rich Aztec Super Food has been shown to: Enhance skin health  Improve concentration / brain power Improve eye sight Strengthen teeth and bones Reduce risk of heart related disorders Maintain weight  Improve digestion  Did you know that 1 ounce of chia seeds is the equivalent to: – 3 carrots – 1/2 cup spinach

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Super Sprouts!

Love or Hate this festive veggie but with so many benefits here is why it should be part of your diet all year round!  Brussel Sprouts contain: High levels of Vitamin K, helping to enhance bone health by preventing the calcification of tissues  Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory agents which have been shown to aid brain and

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Positive about Pears! 

Did you know that these little fruits are packed with nutritional benefits?! They have been shown to:  Enhance Bone Health Containing magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium and copper, these minerals help to reduce bone mineral loss, fending off conditions such as Osteoporosis and general weakness.  Boost Antioxidants  Antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals in the body,

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Dementia is a term used to describe a group of progressive neurological disorders. Dementia often results in: Memory loss Cognitive loss Communication problems Motor loss (problems with movement and control)  There are different types of Dementia including: Alzheimer’s Disease – affecting memory, cognitive ability, language and spatial awareness. Vascular Dementia – also known as Multi-Infarct Dementia

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Do you suffer from Muscular or Joint Discomfort, Tension, Aches or a Sports Injury?

Headaches & Migraine Sports Injury (upper and lower body) Neck discomfort (Whiplash) Shoulder problems Ligament & Tendon problems  Muscle stiffness, Aches and Tension Tennis Elbow Lower Back problems  RSI Hip, pelvis and leg discomfort The above are just a few things that we treat at Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy! Did you know that we now offer

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