Pilates and Yoga

They’re both good for you! – Increase energy levels and stamina – Increase blood oxygenation through breathing techniques – Increase blood flow – Reduce blood pressure – Reduce muscle soreness – Stress relief – Improve core stability including abdominal, lower back and pelvic floor muscles – Enhance posture through skeletal alignment and greater muscle strength […]

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The Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been proven to enhance overall athletic performance by increasing muscle strength and tone. Yoga can help to improve balance and promote postural correction by engaging and stimulating muscles through proprioceptive feedback; it also provides an opportunity for some serious core strengthening! Additionally, yoga  can aid circulation, provide pain relief as well as alleviate

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Get a dose of Vitamin Sea and try Paddle Boarding!

This water sport offers you a chance to increase your stamina and endurance whilst providing a full body workout! Not only does it reduce the risk of diabetes and joint problems but also provides stress relief and an effective weight loss alternative! Physiotherapists love this low impact sport as it is great for rehabilitating patients

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Trigger Points

Trigger points are naturally distributed across our bodies; however, it is only when they become irritable and we start to experience pain or discomfort that we notice them! These points are palpable nodules of taught muscle fibres which develop through muscular overload, imbalance, trauma or injury. They can result in the referral of pain to

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